How can you turn your e-commerce site into a decision support tool?

An e-commerce site is both a showcase for the company and a way to sell products online. Sales data should be integrated into a strategic dashboard in order to monitor the performance of the company. Dashboards display various metrics that are essential for decision making.

What is a dashboard?

It is a table in which various data concerning the company should be shown, presented in the form of indicators. These are considered to be control points for the evolution of the company in relation to the objectives it has set itself. They also allow you to monitor the essential variables of your company. In simple terms, it is a tool that offers the possibility of making necessary and effective adjustments within the management of the company to achieve its objectives. A good dashboard must be a versatile tool that you can customise to ensure better management and perfect steering of your company. Be aware that setting up such a dashboard requires considerable knowledge and experience. If you feel you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to get help to avoid wasting time and money. There are companies that specialise in this field, such as Toucan Toco. Use this link to get in touch with their experts and ask for advice.

The dashboard exists in different types depending on the objective

There are three main types. There is the budget, strategic and operational dashboard. The role of the first type is to highlight the differences between the objectives that have been set in advance and the actual state of affairs. It is important to keep it up to date in order to detect possible anomalies in time. The strategy chart focuses on the performance of the company. It takes into account the turnover, the number of customers and the proportion of their purchases as well as the profitability. It is important to take into account these data, whether they are sales made in a shop or on an e-commerce site, in order to appreciate the real performance of the company. It is a long-term management tool. Finally, there is the operational table, which allows for precise monitoring of the execution of the various tasks and services. Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Toucan Toco for details on how to set up these tables for your company.

Creating and setting up a dashboard

For a well-designed dashboard, it is important to test the dashboard regularly beforehand. It is also important to set up the dashboard in a user-specific context. Avoid overloading your dashboard, it is advisable to make them as clean as possible to make them easier to read. It is necessary to integrate BI-type dashboards into business procedures. Finally, you should not neglect the stage in which you have to develop your table according to a period that you have decided. If you are not familiar with all of these processes, consider seeking advice from the experts at Toucan Toco.

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